Do You Have the Symptoms of a Workaholic?

The line between being a hard worker and developing workaholic tendencies is a fine one. To help you stay on the right side of that line, this article goes over several signs you should be on the lookout for.

1. Strained Relationships

According to Dr. Barbara Killinger, writing for Psychology Today, one of the key signs that a person is a workaholic is the decay of their interpersonal relationships. Dr. Killinger points out that a hard worker with a balanced life meets their professional responsibilities, yet is still there for family and friends. Workaholism, however, leads to a person obsessing only over their professional responsibilities, which can cost them dearly in the interpersonal realm.

2. Ill Health

Another workaholic symptom is ill health. Even if they are not diagnosed with a specific physical illness, people who work too much may feel tired or suffer from headaches. They might also drink too much alcohol or partake in too little exercise. Diets tend to suffer as well, becoming more unhealthy.

3. Long Hours and Constant Thoughts of Work

Most people occasionally spend longer at the office to finish up a project or tie up loose ends, but workaholism can turn extra-long hours into the norm. People with workaholic tendencies also have a very hard time not thinking about work, even when they aren’t at the office. This can keep them in a constant state of stress and worry.

4. Distorted Self-Worth

An additional sign of workaholism is when a person ties their self-worth to their professional achievements. Even if a workaholic performs well at their job, they may still feel they are not doing enough, often falling into perfectionism. And if something goes wrong—even if it’s outside of their control—the results can be disastrous for one’s self-esteem.

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