Why Medical Office Investments Are Growing in Popularity

Real estate is generally a pretty good investment for most people. After the 2008 real estate crash, many investors are a little more cautious than they used to be. If you’re looking for a steady income off real estate, medical office investments can be a good place to put your money. Here’s why.

High Demand

As Baby Boomers age, they need medical care. It’s not just keeping up with illness and disease but improving their quality of life through rehab and cosmetic surgeries. Gen X is right behind them with a love of sports and nutrition needs. And let’s not forget Millennials who are just as crazy for extreme sports and the care that goes with injuries. Healthcare will never go out of style.

Location, Location, Location

Real estate is all about location. Properties close to medical systems are highly sought after by developers and investors because physicians want to be close to the hospital. More facilities are being built to offer outpatient services, making a limited number of properties for medical office investments in demand. Developing sites for multiple healthcare centers is one way to supply the growing demand and set yourself up for maximum revenues as an investor.

More Patients

The Affordable Care Act is giving more people access to healthcare, another way of increasing demand. Not only are people living longer, but as the uninsured gain insurance, it will simply take more space to accommodate the people in need. Healthcare now includes dentists, physical therapy, mental health clinics, and ophthalmology, just to name a few specialties. Cancer care centers, often for specific cancers, are more common than ever before. Advanced technologies require facilities for research and development.

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