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Having Access to the Cash You Need When You Need It

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Solving Your Business' Short-Term Financing Needs

Being in business is about seizing the opportunity when it presents itself. Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger and not waffle around, or you will completely miss the target, especially if it's moving.

Commercial Capital Partners offers the best small business start-up loans and lending to you, including our interest-only line of credit. You'll be able to draw on the money when you need it. Our fast and flexible loans can help you with your cash flow needs. In addition to an interest-only line of credit, we also offer CMBS loans, hard money loans, and large project financing. Contact us today to get started!

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  • Lower Payments

  • Access to Working Capital When You Need It

  • Pay Only the Interest For Up To Six Months

  • Frees Up More Money for Small Business Opportunities & Cash Flow

  • Only Pay For What You Use

  • Builds Business Credit

Interest-Only Line of Credit

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  • As a small business, you have to be nimble. What that means is that you have to be ready to pivot if you need to, be open to new partnerships, and adjust your strategy when something is not working. In essence, you have to be willing to be open to new ideas and not get stuck in just certain ways of doing something.

    Commercial Capital Partners offers amazing quick business loans for your small business so that you can seize the moments when they arise. From healthcare and hotel financing to interest-only line of credit, we're here to help you make your small business dreams come true. Below, we'll quickly review some of the advantages to interest-only lines of credit for small businesses. Contact us today to learn more!


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Only Pay on What You Use

This is perhaps the most advantageous benefit of interest-only lines of credit for small businesses. Instead of having to take out a large sum of money for investment purposes and have it sit, waiting months for the opportunity to arise, you can quickly and easily take out only the amount of money you need when you need it. This means you won't be paying interest on money you're not using, which will save you a lot in the long run.

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Frees Up More Money for Small Business Opportunities and Cash Flow Purposes

Since you are only paying interest on the amount of money you take out with an interest-only line of credit, you will be saving a lot of money in loan payments and interest. With this saved cash, you can now use that money to invest in other small business opportunities that arise, such as developing a new product line or cementing a new partnership. Or, these savings will free up more cash for cash flow, which means you will be able to offer more of your products and services to customers.

Choose an Interest-Only Line of Credit

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Lower Payments

Another big benefit of interest-only lines of credit is since you are only paying the interest and not paying down on your principal, your payment will be lower. This figure shows up on your balance statement as less liabilities, which then opens up more doors of opportunities for you to not only invest in other businesses and ventures, but also to perhaps gain more financing elsewhere. While Commercial Capital Partners always recommends that you be smart about the use of debt and money, having multiple avenues of access to working capital can be beneficial to small businesses. Speak to one of our financial experts about your small business lending.

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Builds Business Credit

Many small businesses struggle to build up credit. Instead, when businesses first start out, business owners use their personal credit score to procure financing because it is easier. The problem here is that the business owners then open themselves up to personal liability if their business fails, and they are not establishing credit in the business' name.

When you obtain an interest-only line of credit for your small business in the business' name, you will begin to build business credit, which will become necessary as your small business begins to thrive. You can separate your personal finances from your business finances, paving the way for expansion.


At some point all small businesses will need an infusion of cash in order to grow. There are various means to obtain this, but the most popular way is through small business lending.

Traditionally, you would walk down to your local bank and apply for a loan. However, traditional banks tend to have much stricter guidelines in place for business loans that Commercial Capital Partners. Being a small lender, we can be nimble and quick on our feet to pivot. We offer more flexible lending terms and a personalized solution to your working capital needs.

Commercial Capital Partners has years of experience helping small businesses grow. We offer over a dozen types of small business financing that are both personalized and necessary for cash flow purposes. From hard money loans and bridge loans to CMBS loans and construction loans, our financial experts will discover your needs and match you to the right small business lending product. We offer free consultations and comprehensive financial analyses to help you meet your small business financing goals.

Commercial Capital Partners offers quick business loans for your small business. Those who wait can miss the boat. Don't miss the boat due to a lack of cash flow. Call today to get started!